Examens outfit sneak peek

Nu är examensveckan äntligen här och jag känner mig så redo och peppad inför detta! Mycket roligt händer denna vecka för att förbereda examensdagarna och examensfesten. Imorgon blir det ollistisdag med klassen, på onsdag färgar vi hår och fixar shellac på varandra i skolan, torsdag är det genrep och förberedande av maten och fredag och lördag är det examensdags!

Här ovan ser ni även en liten sneak peek på hur jag hade tänkt se ut under fredag och lördag i klädväg. Jag funderade ju först på att ha en outfit till fredag (frisörsexamen) och en annan outfit till lördag (studentexamen och fest) men till slut blev det ändå samma. Vad jag ska ha på mig då vi far ut och festar på kvällen är ännu lite oklart, men säkert hittar jag ändå något fint i min garderob! 🙂

Välkommen på frisör- och studentexamensfest till skolhusgatan 62 A kl 13-17 om du befinner dig i Vasa och vill komma förbi och säga grattis och skåla lite med skumppa! 🙂

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  1. Din examensoutfit ser jättefin ut! 😀

    1. Åh tack! 🙂

  2. Såå spännande!!

    1. Jaa, verkligen!

    2. Jonnie says: Svara

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    3. Good for you, Janet–I’m looking forward to checking it all out and especially reading about “Granny May”. I’m sure you heard many stories from your Mom about their lives, too–they certainly had an interesting childhood, at least from Mother’s viewpoint. My grandaughters are always trying to motivate me to write “my story”–maybe you will inspire me! Good luck! Linda

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    7. Gosh, Kate. Why are you apologising? This is just fantastic, especially as it’s in season. You’ve also shown in one day how clever you are with your eggs. This looks perfect and your guest post with the poached yolks in that crunchy trifle… what can I say? Brilliant! Have a great weekend.

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    10. ha ha – 'some big Gewurtztraminer fans around the table' – so that'll be me then! YUM! love it love it. Fantastic value that menu. Not like a certain place just up the road which I could mention….

    11. Jen, So interesting to hear about the behind the scenes info! I personally thought the chairs were one of my favourite parts of the room but I do have to agree with Geeta about the artwork. Great seeing you at IDS11 and thought you did a great job on the Nate show.Amy

    12. Met recht dat je gekozen bent met je toppers!!! Jij bent echt van alle markten thuis en dit kaartje is ook weer super gemaakt!!!Groetjes Tinie

    13. Awwww…she is SO proud of those earrings! She told us ALL about the “pre” -story – the buid up BEFORE going to get her ears done. (Not to be afraid..the man may look a little scary….. – you know JUST the kind of things teachers love to hear, huh? )BTW – that was before I read your email.

    14. Sister Sascha there is not a cut a of any kind that would take away your beauty so we would love to see your new cut. We are so happy for you that you are now enjoying jumping and playing. Hugs and nose kisses

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    20. Cathy, Im so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing…May God be with you sweetie, You are a strong woman & you were a wonderful dedicated caregiver to him….God will take care of him now…Bless you ..

    21. I love you guys! I am so happy to be 10 min north of you in summers. Honored to have known your grandfather. Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are. Namaste’ Pam

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    28. Rachel, This is a wonderful article that I connected with in so many ways! Over the years, I’ve had so many different types of learners in my classes. Collaboration with the special ed teachers to modify learning is so crucial so that all of their needs are met. Your inferencing ideas are so “right on”. The use of pictures to motivate reluctant learners etc. Your advice on TpT is always top notch. Thanks for sharing this!Ruth S.

    29. Oh – das Rezept klingt lecker. Nach dem künsterlichen steht mir grad nicht so der Sinn. Aber lecker Essen geht immer :-). Habe am Sonntag Deine Zwiebeltarte nachgekocht. Die war seeeehhhhr lecker 🙂 Vielen Dank für Deine Inspirationen und liebe Grüße vom Münchner Kindl, Nicole

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    32. haha, oh the yawn…classic! I live in Chicagoland (for the last 15 years). And I still haven't seen many things! I always feel like a tourist! But it's ok! I don't mind one bit! I refuse to wear a fanny pack, however….. Great pictures!

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    39. oh, Denise! your photos ALWAYS make me wish I could go to a laundromat! it looks like so much fun! truth. haha, the “clothes are always whiter on the other side” i suppose!

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    45. Debbie Wow, I sat on the sidelines for about six or seven years watching my (now) husband go through this process of weaning himself off prestige, remaking his professional identity, and shedding the learned helplessness/passivity that graduate school seemed to instill in him. You really captured it.

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    68. Bob, you may be right that Wonkette’s influence has waned in recent years. If so, this blog post explains why. Tom, can you provide an instance from the Palin camp that rivals what Wonkette posted?

    69. Jo, I am so excited for you. When I read “Not in Mitchelton” I knew you had the juice. This short-listing proves to everyone that you have what it takes – soak it up, you deserve it. xx

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    74. Loving the Blog Chris! It’s been a long time since I’ve been back to Nebraska. I’ll have to stop by the next time I’m in Aurora to catch up!Jon Groelz (I used to work for Chris in Nebraska)Hilo, HI

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    299. Whyyyyy can't I just live in Houstonnn? Nothing like this ever comes to MI…we're not classy enough over here. Loved the article. Love Zax Posen and his gold blazer. Can't wait to see your coverage of the event.-Ezi

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    301. With so many cultures and religions represented in the US, it’s got to be incredibly challenging to have a good grasp on all of them. Is it more feasible to have an on-staff specialist/consultant rather than expect the health care professionals to have all this knowledge themselves?  

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    325. so you think you are arguing? don’t you know that no one here respects you. all that you do is bashing JM and our team. why don’t offer constructive criticism for a change. what would be your advice to AG for the rest of the season? keep away from the legend that is JM and his achievements, just talk about what we need to do for the rest of the season.

    326. I can criticize as much as I want and I do not like how the US media is covering up their human rights abuses against the Palestinians, but that doesn’t mean they are evil and control the world. Its like blaming just the Bilderburgers, just the CFR, DHS, Trilateral Commission, republicans, democrats, reptoids, greys, bohemians. There is much more at play than just a bunch of Jews

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    345. , I was sort of wondering out loud where the responsibility is to keep some of the more graphic views of the incident away from the general public until it was known that those involved would be okay. The work of Wippert and Heupel isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but I was curious to see where that line is and who is supposed to follow it.Your response has given me a much better view of the issue, and so thank you for your input.Also, a quick look over your website tells me that you do really nice work. I hope we don’t offend you with my terrible camera phone pictures…

    346. At least with Eric, you know what he is capable of but the unsettling thing with Bill you do not know. I wonder if Sookie will find out about Bill’s potential torture devise? Probably there will be some unsavory flashbacks involving Eric/Godric. However, we know Godric did horrible things and Eric was with him so we know Eric did some terrible things too. I can handle dark Eric/Godric flashbacks.   0 likes

    347. Gorgeous photos – beautiful ladies. I particularly liked photo number 1 today. She is stunning, and those glasses!! Wow! Thank you for bringing all these gorgeous, older ladies to the fore. I'm sure we're all looking forward to reading your book.

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    349. And, if we're going to get all het up about poor states that added oil and gas jobs, let's look at North Dakota. Their Unemployment Rate, IIRC, is 3.3%.

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    365. batshit insaneDifference is that if the right is batshit insane the press calls them on it and they lose their base. (Hell, if the right isn’t batshit insane, the press still tries to make them look it.) If the left is batshit insane, it motivates their base.

    366. One democrat who understands moral imperative. Now if Obama and Clinton would understand moral imperative and stop their headlong rush into political suicide.

    367. Miss you man! I seriously thought that something was wrong..Now you said it all..its okay…and I hope you make a come back soon!

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    371. Thanks Kristina – yes power lines. I couldn’t get the photo without having them there so decided to just write along them!Thanks as always for your lovely comments xx

    372. Okay, I know they have our book in stock so you should get it shortly. I’ll send you a separate email about what we can do about your quiz grade. I’m glad we figured it out before you went much further!

    373. Obama's plans for the next four years make far more sense and compute better than Romney's plans. One thing I'm quite sure of is that if Romney is elected, he will take care of his own.

    374. Well here's a fucking news-flash for you frank – those freedoms come from God anyway, not some lame-ass congressmen or democrap (redundancy check).What an arrogant POS. Watch for this a-hole to "correct" himself tomorrow.It's already written in the Declaration Of Independence that we are "endowed by our Creator" with certain liberties such as "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and those same things are guaranteed by the Constitution.So Frank – kiss my ass! They don't need your "permission" asshole!

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